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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

25 mai, 2016

Reminder : that tomorrow our class will be visiting the French Book Fair in the library at 11:30.  If you feel comfortable sending your child in with some spending money for making purchases at the sale, please do so!  Please know that there are other items available for purchase, such as, pencils, erasers, bookmarks and posters.  Join us in the library at 11:30 if you are available for some shopping!

There will not be a spelling dictee test this week as we have a shortened week as well, I am away this Friday.  Keep encouraging the reading books to be coming to class and I will do my best to read with each student every day.

The students had a great experience with Discover E Science today in the class.  We learned all about bugs and their properties.  Also, the students got to take home their very own marshmallow bug to share with you at home!!  Science is such fun!

Have a great week!7

Monday, 9 May 2016

9 mai, 2016!

This week at school, the students returned their Energy Cube Booklets...please be sure each week is signed by an adult. 

Also, starting this week and running until the 20th of May, is the Jump Rope for Heart event.  Students may collect donations online at where they will also receive a free skipping rope in the mail just for signing up!  They may also collect cash donations by collecting donations an envelope provided from the class.  Prize incentives are fun and will be distributed in June.

The spelling words for the First graders are:
  1. pour - for
  2. alors - then
  3. toujours - then
  4. elle pleure- she cries
  5. une école - a school
  6. jamais - never
  7. un camion - a truck
  8. un magasin - a store
  9. bien - good
  10. très - very
The second graders chose a list of adjectives to be their spelling words for this week.  
2. sale - dirty
3. intelligent- intelligent
4. fou - silly
5. nerveux - nervous
6. content - contented
7. affamé - starving
8. poilu - hairy
9. confiant - confidant
10. riche - rich

The new reading incentive started out with a big BANG!  The students are very motivated which, of course is important to developing a lifelong love of reading.  They may read as often as they like with me in the class.  The challenge for the class as a whole is to respect the one-on-one reading periods and to work quietly at these times.  I encourage all of the students to practice self-control at these times.

The Retirement Rap went very well.  I have a copy in the class if you are interested in seeing it!

The J.E.S Diversity Project is up for viewing in the front lobby of the school for you to come and check out! 

Have a great week!

Monday, 18 April 2016

18 Avril, 2016

Last week we had a lot of fun with the frogs, as well as at the Parks interpretive display.

The grade 2 sound this week is 'eil' 'eille' and the words are :

1. Un soleil - a sun
2. Un appareil- a machine / device
3. Un orteil - a toe
4. Un réveil -alarm clock
5. Une oreille - an ear
6. Une abeille - a bee
7. Une bouteille -a bottle
8. La vieille - the old woman

The grade one students have the following sight words :
1. Une fête
2. La maison
3. Grande
4. Petite
5. Grand
6. Petit
7. Il s'en va
8. Y-a-t-il
9. Plus
10. Peux-tu?

Last week the class collectively earned their 100 point for good behaviour and have earned a smoothie party. This Wednesday at 2:30, we will prepare smoothies in the class. Please send in a cup of fruit that your child would like in their smoothie.

Have a great week !

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Bon retour! Welcome back!

I trust everyone had a nice break given the warm weather !  The kids seem ready to tackle the final term of the year!

There will be a spelling dictée this Friday ...the grade 2 class will focus on the 'ail' / 'aille' sound. The words are :
1. Une médaille-a medal
2. Une bataille - a battle
3. Une paille -a straw

4. Un chandail - a sweater
5. Un épouvantail - a scarecrow
6. Un maillot - a bathing suit / jersey
7. Un éventail - a fan
8. Un travail - a job

The grade one students have the following list of sight words (some are review words):
1. Un ami - a friend (masculine)
2. Une amie - a friend (feminine )
3. On chante - one sings
4. Chez - the place /home of
5. Combien? - how many ?
6. Elle Dort - she sleeps
7. Encore - again
8. Là - there
9. Moi - me
10. Veux-tu? Would you ?

This week at school, we will be going to a Parks Canada display at the Old Firehall on Friday at 11:30 a.m.  We are looking at their latest display on wildlife, fire and national parks. At 1:00 the same day, there will be a guitar band coming from the region to treat us to a special performance in the gym. Come join us for either activity if you are able !

I asked the students to bring in a 1 or 2 litre milk carton for an earth day recycling craft.  Please try to have that in class by next Monday. Thanks !

I have two White's tree frogs in the class for a while for the students to learn from.  They are safe to handle, given that you wash your hands after holding or touching one .  I have invited the students to
stay after class this week if they'd like to hang out with a frog!

Have a wonderful week !

Monday, 21 March 2016

21 Mars, 2016

Happy Spring !  This is our last week in class before the 2week break. The students will be dismissed at lunch on Thursday. Therefore, there will not be a spelling dictée this week!

Last week, the students brought home two books for their own libraries. I applied for the Oilers and Epcor Share a book program to encourage the students to read in English at home...and our class was chosen!  Enjoy the books 😄

The Trandansa program was a wonderful way to introduce traditional folk dancing into the school!  The students have a natural knack for dance !

Report cards went home today; the card is yours to keep if you could sign and return the parent form along with the envelope.  I will be available for meetings all week after school, as well as Thursday after lunch. Please feel free to contact me or send the request form back to class if you would like to set up a time .

Have a great week!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

15 mars, 2016

Tradansa is at our school this week!  The classes will each participate in 3 dance lessons all week, followed by a performance on Friday at 2 pm.  Come to the gym to check out the final dance product!

The grade 2 spelling words this week either has the soft G (j), or the hard G:
1. une girafe- a giraffe
2. le changement - the change
3. un gilet - a vest
4. une magicienne - a magician
5. le piège - the trap
6. un dégât - a mess
7. tu regardes
8. un gorille - a gorilla
9. le magasin - the store
10. la gauche - the left

The grade one words will be added shortly.

The leprechaun traps have been coming to school; please have them returned  to class by Wednesday so that we can set them up before the leprechauns come mess up the class!

Also, we will be having a green food party on Thursday afternoon.  Please send in a green food item(anything goes!) for our St. Patty's day celebration.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Le 8 Mars, 2016

The students have been acing the dictee spelling tests each week! Feel free to send the completed practice brochures back to school on Friday for me to see!

The grade one words are :
1. Il voit- he sees
2. Ici- here
3. Il regarde - he looks
4. Par - by
5. Ça va - it is going
6. Est - is
7. Pour - for
8. Quand - when
9. Chez moi - my place / house
10. Je Pense - I think

The grade two words have the "tion" sound :
1. Une addition
2. Une action
3. L'attention
4. Une illustration
5. Une information
6. Une solution
7. Une soustraction
8. La récréation
9. Une collation
10. La détermination

The students brought home instructions to make a leprechaun trap at home. The traps need to be brought back to school by next Wednesday so that they can be presented to the class and then set up for the Saint Patrick eve. We will catch the pesky pets this year! Have fun!!

The grade one students had awesome presentations for the 100th day of school!! Bravo les Amis!!